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The is the largest provider of sports betting.The actual offer every wish and even quotas sting so from some bookmakers, which is solely focused on horseracing. Overall, it is therefore a highly recommended site, especially for new comers in the field of horse racing.

Betting offer

The betting line on extends across almost all sports. The equestrian area is particularly pronounced, so that all the important events – and even beyond – easy to locate. Just search for the desired location or the desired country. Should naturally reflect more projects that are specialized and exotic race to the betting line with one, so we recommend a specialist provider of horse racing. Nevertheless, especially in the American market, the U.S. offer at is exemplary.

Rates and currencies

The is characterized by very constant rates, to which there are no complaints. Often, these are even better than in many other providers, who specialize among other only on horse racing, the case. The very fair grading and visibility of quotas make for beginners especially interesting. Even the simplest financial transactions via channels. Therefore, everyone gets his money, because there is always a free choice about how money can be turned on or paid. Third-party provider of online financial transactions are Ebeso selected as the usual transfer or credit card payment.

Online Presence and Support to its reputation as a leader in sports betting in fullest measure. The page layout is clear, structured and visually appealing. Also directly upcoming betting offers are highlighted, which makes the search considerably. All around there are common Render therefore to nothing to complain about. Nevertheless, the support is as it should be and so very exemplary. The complete range is available in German language and any questions are answered quickly, so that your needs are met quickly. Even a German telephone hotline has been established for granted.


The bookmaker stands out above all the smooth and uncomplicated implementation of betting. Eye washing deals and loss leaders are therefore not needed. Often, the biggest advantage is just that everything fully according to plan and easy.