Betting prediction for Arsenal vs Montpelier

Arsenal will try everything possible to beat Montpelier and to increase their chances for qualifying in the next phase of the Champions League. This can happen even today if they win and Schalke doesn’t lose from Olympiakos in the other match of the group.

The French Champion Montpelier presented really poorly in this year’s Champions League, despite the high expectations. They haven’t been able to get a victory in four matches so far and recorded just one draw and three losses. The last two losses from Olympiakos were a severe experience for the supporters because they sent the team on the last place in the group.

It is clear that something in the team is not going as it should as Montpelier doesn’t play well in the French league as well. There Montpelier haven’t won in their last three matches.

However, even in a weak form, the French champion still plays with the third in England and the odds of 10 for an away win is really too much.

Arsenal are not a well working machine that crushes everything in its path. Every game they play shows the big problems they have. At the beginning of the season the main trouble for the Gunners came from the weak attack that missed too many chances. Now the defence is also a problematic spot as in their last five games in all competitions Arsenal concedes at least two goals. Something that is not well received by the fans of the team.

So, let’s take a look at the numbers which we can see from We have a team that has allowed 13 goals in their last five games and now will play against the champion of France, with odds of 1.3 for a home win. This is something that just doesn’t seem serious.

That’s why I will bet for the guests in this match. However, I am not going to gamble my money on the win for Montpelier, but rather I will focus on the betting proposals for Asian Handicap. A victory for the guests with a predefined advantage of 1.5 goals for them is estimated at 1.9 at Bet365, something that is a pretty good offer and a bet that I will definitely make.

So even if Arsenal win by 1 goal, my bet will be successful and will bring me profit.

If you want to have a look on how these two played in the last time they met then watch the video below: