Horse Racing Betting Terminology: Bank horses and Cashback

Bank horses

Banker is a very common term in the field of horseracing and takes place at the betting shops even a good use. The precise meaning is to be derived relatively easily. , A bank for someone ‘his is a common colloquial phrase to express that you bet on someone or builds on the capabilities of a particular person.

Similarly, it also behaves in equestrian sport. Banker is therefore always the horse, which one measures the greatest expectations and it is based on, or its placement they composed their own bet. This will already see that this is a term from the field of combo bets.

It must not necessarily be at the Banker to the eventual winner. Keep a horse for very slow, it is also possible, for example, to bet on the last place. This special case will, however, be pushed aside. To explain the principle of the Bank horse precisely we assume the following conditions: In a horse race to diagnose a large discrepancy between the performance of individual horses. To assume that four particular horse will arrive well ahead of the other to the finish. In addition, you have identified your clear favourite. Your multi-coupon, you should then fill out as follows. Behind your favourites wearing the “1″. This is your banker and therefore you bet on the first place in the upcoming races. Behind the other three horses, you now carry a “K”. Therefore, you bet on favourite wins and the other three horses on the second to fourth shrink. This bet is called then a combination bet with Banker.


The principle of the cashback has become better known in recent years and is consistent across all sectors of consumption. So it is, for example, with certain loyalty cards have long been traditional for refuelling money on the advertised amount, get back. Another variant is also the loyalty bonus from certain supermarkets. Again, there is, with a full bonus issue or the like, a certain amount by cash on hand or well written.

Similarly, it also behaves in many bookmakers. It is therefore a form of advertorials from bookmakers to help beginners to make the entry into the world of horse racing experience. Alternatively, here is made by deposit bonus or welcome money use.

The cashback itself works like many places known. It is a kind of money-back guarantee on initial bets. The provider pays a certain amount of lost bet back easily. The situation is of course not forever this way. Most bookmakers offer this option for a number of uncommitted first bets.

The height of the cash back varies between providers. Usually there are two versions: First, a, a percentage of the bet amount uncommitted sum reimbursed for the lost bet and on the other an absolute and pre-fixed sum, credited to the player afterwards. Both versions are of course ideal for newcomers to slowly to the allure of horse racing to zoom keys, of course, above all, the risk is clearly reduced by such practices.